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The Best Live Video Streaming Service

There are various reasons for you to stream live video over the internet. You may want to stream live video of your graduation, your wedding, the birth of your baby and many more. There are also local political rallies or a concert that you want to broadcast or to stream live online.

There are a few video streaming services that you can find on the internet. The best video streaming service sites are Ustream, Livestream, Bambuser and Twitch. Let’s take a look at each of these sites that provide the live video streaming service.


Ustream is definitely the most popular video streaming service that’s available over the internet. Signing up is with a free 30-day trial before you are allowed to opt for a Pro plan or a free Basic plan. The basic plan will come with advertisements shown on your stream or broadcast. You can’t earn from the advertisement. If you don’t want the ads to bug your live streaming and you are serious about streaming live then opt for the pro plans. It’s a monthly plan, so you can opt-out any time after signup.


The Ustream app is also available on the Android as well as Apple. Your live streaming video event can be watched by people via their smart gadgets on the go.




Livestream is another site or company that provides the service that will enable you to broadcast your event live on the internet. Your live streaming video can be seen all over the internet on the smart phones and tablets. You can also broadcast your event live on your Facebook to be viewed by your friends and colleague.


You can try a free Livestream account and decide later on which Livestream plan that you want to take. The basic plan starts at $42/mo which is cheaper than Ustream.


All the functionalities of Ustream are also available on Livestream such as broadcasting live from your phone. The app are also available for Android and Apple and looking better than Ustream.


Another site that provides Live Streaming Video service is a site called Bambuser. The live streaming video service provided is the same as Ustream and Livestream but mostly used for meetings, conferences and talks. You can also broadcast the event right from your mobile phone. You can try the live video streaming service for 15 days and signup for premium Live Video Streaming service later from $45/mo.

If you are looking at enterprise broadcasting with colleagues or staffs in various nationwide offices, Bambuser is the most value for money. Ustream and Livestream live streaming services are mostly for major events for a wider audiences.



The other option is Twitch for Live Video Streaming service. This Live Video Streaming service is mostly used by gamers to broadcast live streaming of them playing video game with their own commentaries. If streaming live video game play is what you are into, Twitch is the place for you. Sign-up is easy and free.


Besides the streaming service sites above, you can also opt to have your own live streaming on your own website which will be covered in my subsequent post.

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